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Who are Pfizer?

10 Questions for Judges

New Zealand Doctors Quiz for Teens and Parents

10 Questions for Police

11 Questions for Politicians

To Mask or Not to Mask

School Principals Emailed
Competition Entrants

Finalists, Final Draw on 11/11/21.

L. J. M. 2022-02-02 23:35:55nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. . 2022-02-02 16:13:34nzdquiz1In the Draw
N. V. D. W. 2022-01-29 16:26:17nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. 2022-01-28 18:38:01nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. H. Southland Boys' High School2022-01-03 18:41:32nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. H. 2021-12-30 10:34:59nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. 2021-12-29 20:54:50nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. P. 2021-12-22 22:15:15nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. M. Kadimah School2021-12-21 17:07:55nzdquiz1In the Draw
C. W. 2021-12-21 16:47:07nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. S. 2021-12-18 12:49:53nzdquiz1In the Draw
D. S. South New Brighton School2021-12-15 21:37:44nzdquiz1In the Draw
F. C. Rotorua Boys' High School2021-12-15 07:31:46nzdquiz1In the Draw
D. South New Brighton School2021-12-14 14:33:32nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. M. Tauraroa Area School2021-12-13 16:20:40nzdquiz1In the Draw
D. M. Tauraroa Area School2021-12-13 16:13:50nzdquiz1In the Draw
D. St Albans School2021-12-12 18:23:46nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. M. Oxford Area School2021-12-11 22:31:20nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. B. Nelson College2021-12-10 14:58:54nzdquiz1In the Draw
K. R. Nelson College2021-12-05 20:05:05nzdquiz1In the Draw
L. R. 2021-12-02 20:50:14nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. F. 2021-11-30 12:54:24nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. Wellington College2021-11-28 23:33:28nzdquiz1In the Draw
B. S. Spotswood College2021-11-28 08:03:43nzdquiz1In the Draw
H. P. 2021-11-23 08:58:49nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. S. King's College2021-11-19 19:25:22nzdquiz1In the Draw
I. A. Western Springs College2021-11-17 15:18:52nzdquiz1In the Draw
K. Nelson College2021-11-17 09:35:18nzdquiz1In the Draw
L. 2021-11-16 10:55:43nzdquiz1In the Draw
G. J. W. 2021-11-15 11:15:31nzdquiz1In the Draw
R. L. 2021-11-11 15:53:23nzdquiz1In the Draw
E. L. Arrowtown School2021-11-10 15:15:10nzdquiz1In the Draw
L. F. Albany Senior High School2021-11-10 14:56:27nzdquiz1In the Draw
L. T. Kerikeri High School2021-11-10 04:18:27nzdquiz1In the Draw
K. P. Ashburton College2021-11-09 09:49:21nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. R. Hobsonville Point Secondary School2021-11-07 14:25:16nzdquiz1In the Draw
R. Rangitoto College2021-11-07 09:29:42nzdquiz1In the Draw
B. J. St Joseph's Catholic School (Waihi)2021-11-06 22:31:51nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. D. Home School2021-11-05 16:32:39nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. G. Bay of Islands College2021-11-04 13:28:15nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. T. 2021-11-03 16:47:12nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. 2021-11-03 13:33:05nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. T. 2021-11-02 13:06:50nzdquiz1In the Draw
F. 2021-11-01 22:42:52nzdquiz1In the Draw
H. R. Auckland Grammar2021-11-01 15:48:28nzdquiz1In the Draw
P. J. 2021-11-01 13:53:10nzdquiz1In the Draw
G. J. John Paul College2021-11-01 12:12:35nzdquiz1In the Draw
K. Home School2021-10-31 01:02:54nzdquiz1In the Draw
V. K. . Avondale College2021-10-30 09:16:30nzdquiz1In the Draw
V. K. Avondale College2021-10-29 23:48:56nzdquiz1In the Draw
O. 2021-10-29 21:25:40nzdquiz1In the Draw
O. . Rosehill College2021-10-29 21:08:13nzdquiz1In the Draw
H. D. Craighead Diocesan School2021-10-29 10:11:51nzdquiz1In the Draw
D. 2021-10-29 07:46:14nzdquiz1In the Draw
H. H. 2021-10-28 16:39:51nzdquiz1In the Draw
R. J. 2021-10-27 21:16:01nzdquiz1In the Draw
K. 2021-10-27 20:30:52nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. L. 2021-10-27 12:26:31nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. L. Hillcrest High School2021-10-27 12:14:35nzdquiz1In the Draw
B. Hillcrest High School2021-10-27 11:53:25nzdquiz1In the Draw
K. T. St Peter's School (Cambridge)2021-10-27 10:36:11nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. H. Hillcrest High School2021-10-26 17:28:12nzdquiz1In the Draw
C. O. Paraparaumu College2021-10-26 16:35:39nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. . Mahurangi College2021-10-26 11:57:16nzdquiz1In the Draw
F. P. . Taumarunui High School2021-10-26 10:54:18nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. 2021-10-26 07:25:02nzdquiz1In the Draw
T. S. 2021-10-25 22:25:33nzdquiz1In the Draw
C. E. Cambridge High School2021-10-25 21:47:16nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. D. 2021-10-25 18:00:05nzdquiz1In the Draw
K. H. Whangārei Boys' High School2021-10-25 12:08:54nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. H. Whangārei Boys' High School2021-10-25 12:04:26nzdquiz1In the Draw
K. H. Whangārei Boys' High School2021-10-24 20:40:41nzdquiz1In the Draw
C. W. Northcross Intermediate2021-10-24 14:20:56nzdquiz1In the Draw
B. K. 2021-10-23 15:54:33nzdquiz1In the Draw
N. S. . Orewa College2021-10-22 13:16:42nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. 2021-10-21 22:28:33nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. 2021-10-20 23:47:16nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. F. . 2021-10-20 23:40:01nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. B. Te Awamutu College2021-10-20 22:35:19nzdquiz1In the Draw
T. Campion College2021-10-20 21:53:19nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. 2021-10-20 21:37:04nzdquiz1In the Draw
C. M. 2021-10-20 19:56:41nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. W. Wainuiomata High School2021-10-20 09:26:44nzdquiz1In the Draw
D. Wainuiomata High School2021-10-20 09:16:39nzdquiz1In the Draw
C. Mahurangi College2021-10-19 21:36:20nzdquiz1In the Draw
I. 2021-10-19 13:43:40nzdquiz1In the Draw
R. K. Nelson College2021-10-19 13:13:01nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. M. Stratford High School2021-10-18 22:14:53nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. M. 2021-10-18 14:23:48nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. S. Marist College2021-10-18 11:25:40nzdquiz1In the Draw
K. 2021-10-18 11:23:53nzdquiz1In the Draw
T. R. Greymouth High School2021-10-17 20:57:26nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. C. 2021-10-17 20:47:49nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. D. Te Kāpehu Whetū (Tuakana)2021-10-17 16:52:47nzdquiz1In the Draw
H. W. Karetu School2021-10-17 14:04:34nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. H. 2021-10-17 12:29:22nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. M. G. Bay of Islands College2021-10-17 09:10:29nzdquiz1In the Draw
T. T. St Joseph's Maori Girls' College2021-10-17 07:48:10nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. T. Hato Paora College2021-10-17 07:38:15nzdquiz1In the Draw
K. . 2021-10-16 18:36:06nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. J. Westlake Boys High School2021-10-16 18:04:32nzdquiz1In the Draw
T. H. Mt Maunganui Intermediate2021-10-16 13:00:52nzdquiz1In the Draw
R. A. 2021-10-15 21:49:43nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. S. Christchurch Girls' High School -Te Kura o Hine Waiora2021-10-15 14:45:54nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. D. Paraparaumu College2021-10-15 12:38:10nzdquiz1In the Draw
L. . 2021-10-15 03:46:00nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. D. Rangitoto College2021-10-14 23:47:25nzdquiz1In the Draw
C. . Waiuku College2021-10-14 20:57:59nzdquiz1In the Draw
B. F. Tauranga Girls' College2021-10-14 20:46:51nzdquiz1In the Draw
D. C. John Paul College2021-10-14 19:43:37nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. Whangarei Girls' High School2021-10-14 19:41:45nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. H. 2021-10-14 18:52:15nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. Whangarei Girls' High School2021-10-14 17:30:30nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. Colville School2021-10-14 17:26:57nzdquiz1In the Draw
K. A. Takapuna Grammar School2021-10-14 17:06:26nzdquiz1In the Draw
C. R. 2021-10-14 17:01:20nzdquiz1In the Draw
P. C. Hauraki Plains College2021-10-14 16:43:50nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. . C. Baradene College2021-10-14 14:41:20nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. M. 2021-10-14 13:24:15nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. D. L. 2021-10-14 13:14:02nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. M. Levin North School2021-10-14 12:52:37nzdquiz1In the Draw
R. Hamilton Christian School2021-10-14 11:38:46nzdquiz1In the Draw
T. M. . 2021-10-14 09:23:05nzdquiz1In the Draw
G. B. Marist College2021-10-14 09:22:51nzdquiz1In the Draw
G. 2021-10-14 09:18:02nzdquiz1In the Draw
U. Home School2021-10-14 09:15:52nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. A. Waimate High School2021-10-14 09:15:28nzdquiz1In the Draw
T. L. . Glen Eden Intermediate2021-10-14 09:11:16nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. T. . Kowhai Intermediate2021-10-14 09:10:10nzdquiz1In the Draw
T. D. Selwyn College2021-10-14 08:58:52nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. V. Rodney College2021-10-14 08:24:37nzdquiz1In the Draw
R. B. D. M. Papamoa Primary School2021-10-14 08:18:40nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. C. St Andrew's College (Christchurch)2021-10-14 07:25:59nzdquiz1In the Draw
D. S. South Otago High School2021-10-13 20:41:09nzdquiz1In the Draw
N. Queen Margaret College2021-10-13 20:18:35nzdquiz1In the Draw
D. S. Home School2021-10-13 15:49:29nzdquiz1In the Draw
C. Glen Eden Intermediate2021-10-13 15:11:54nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. S. South New Brighton School2021-10-11 16:01:23nzdquiz1In the Draw
F. H. Thames High School2021-10-10 11:25:53nzdquiz1In the Draw
E. P. Massey High School2021-10-09 21:06:54nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. S. Fernside School2021-10-09 12:56:50nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. H. St Kevins College (Oamaru)2021-10-08 10:17:19nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. 2021-10-08 09:44:09nzdquiz1In the Draw
G. N. East Otago High School2021-10-08 09:21:59nzdquiz1In the Draw
N. H. Te Kauwhata College2021-10-07 12:57:12nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. Te Kauwhata College2021-10-07 09:04:23nzdquiz1In the Draw
L. Takapuna Grammar School2021-10-05 21:40:11nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. F. Howick College2021-10-05 21:33:42nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. . Nelson College For Girls2021-10-05 20:20:04nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. . W. . Tarawera High School2021-10-03 20:56:27nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. Tauraroa Area School2021-10-03 09:08:00nzdquiz1In the Draw
E. T. Queen Charlotte College2021-10-02 15:22:47nzdquiz1In the Draw
D. S. Home School2021-10-02 13:18:51nzdquiz1In the Draw
C. S. Home School2021-10-02 13:12:07nzdquiz1In the Draw
K. C. South New Brighton School2021-10-02 11:40:43nzdquiz1In the Draw
R. M. 2021-09-29 20:49:51nzdquiz1In the Draw
D. J. . Western Springs College2021-09-29 19:59:05nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. N. St Bedes College2021-09-29 10:50:41nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. M. Westlake Boys High School2021-09-27 16:35:14nzdquiz1In the Draw
R. G. B. 2021-09-26 20:46:54nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. B. . Kapiti College2021-09-26 17:14:15nzdquiz1In the Draw
D. S. . Te Aroha College2021-09-26 15:21:43nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. F. . Howick College2021-09-25 22:50:44nzdquiz1In the Draw
H. H. . Limehills School2021-09-25 22:46:18nzdquiz1In the Draw
B. S. Columba College2021-09-25 12:35:37nzdquiz1In the Draw
K. A. Southland Boys' High School2021-09-25 10:35:23nzdquiz1In the Draw
L. B. Churchill Park School2021-09-25 10:30:39nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. S. Heaton Normal Intermediate2021-09-25 10:03:35nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. O. Hawea Flat School2021-09-25 09:55:14nzdquiz1In the Draw
F. B. Helensville School2021-09-25 09:54:23nzdquiz1In the Draw
R. D. 2021-09-25 09:37:04nzdquiz1In the Draw
D. D. Kaipara College2021-09-25 09:25:18nzdquiz1In the Draw
D. S. South New Brighton School2021-09-25 08:40:51nzdquiz1In the Draw
C. B. 2021-09-25 07:27:29nzdquiz1In the Draw
C. D. Renwick School2021-09-25 01:23:28nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. C. 2021-09-24 22:07:07nzdquiz1In the Draw
T. T. Forest View High School2021-09-24 21:04:06nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. W. Mount Maunganui College2021-09-24 13:18:59nzdquiz1In the Draw
N. D. 2021-09-24 11:59:05nzdquiz1In the Draw
K. F. 2021-09-24 11:58:48nzdquiz1In the Draw
T. O. Bishop Edward Gaines Catholic School2021-09-24 09:52:51nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. Ellesmere College2021-09-24 08:13:13nzdquiz1In the Draw
N. S. Tahunanui School2021-09-24 07:30:21nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. T. Bishop Edward Gaines Catholic School2021-09-24 07:02:06nzdquiz1In the Draw
E. B. Masterton Intermediate2021-09-23 22:27:01nzdquiz1In the Draw
L. S. Y. Garin College2021-09-23 21:57:30nzdquiz1In the Draw
D. F. Glen Eden Intermediate2021-09-23 21:51:21nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. C. Stanmore Bay School2021-09-23 21:15:44nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. I. 2021-09-23 20:55:47nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. D. Parakai School2021-09-23 20:42:07nzdquiz1In the Draw
L. B. Hampden Street School2021-09-23 12:33:42nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. Oxford Area School2021-09-23 12:20:07nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. W. Greenpark School (Tauranga)2021-09-23 10:04:21nzdquiz1In the Draw
I. S. . 2021-09-23 08:54:35nzdquiz1In the Draw
U. B. Wellington High School and Com Ed Centre2021-09-23 08:00:54nzdquiz1In the Draw
P. Mangawhai Beach School2021-09-23 00:09:05nzdquiz1In the Draw
C. S. Oxford Area School2021-09-22 21:38:48nzdquiz1In the Draw
T. 2021-09-22 20:07:56nzdquiz1In the Draw
N. 2021-09-22 20:04:39nzdquiz1In the Draw
L. . 2021-09-22 15:39:48nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. Otamatea High School2021-09-22 15:30:21nzdquiz1In the Draw
N. O. A. Lincoln High School2021-09-22 14:21:17nzdquiz1In the Draw
P. D. Nelson College2021-09-22 13:15:23nzdquiz1In the Draw
E. W. 2021-09-22 13:11:27nzdquiz1In the Draw
N. S. Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery2021-09-22 12:04:10nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. . Westlake Boys High School2021-09-22 11:51:43nzdquiz1In the Draw
R. M. Pegasus Bay School2021-09-22 10:01:28nzdquiz1In the Draw
L. W. Hamilton Girls' High School2021-09-22 09:54:23nzdquiz1In the Draw
T. Te Puke High School2021-09-22 09:40:51nzdquiz1In the Draw
L. W. Hamilton Boys' High School2021-09-22 09:15:46nzdquiz1In the Draw
C. S. Whanganui High School2021-09-22 08:18:55nzdquiz1In the Draw
B. T. R. Westlake Boys High School2021-09-21 22:14:05nzdquiz1In the Draw
N. A. 2021-09-21 21:37:30nzdquiz1In the Draw
K. M. . David Street School2021-09-21 21:29:30nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. B. Marlborough Boys' College2021-09-21 21:23:46nzdquiz1In the Draw
R. N. 2021-09-21 21:10:37nzdquiz1In the Draw
E. H. Morrinsville Intermediate2021-09-21 20:52:23nzdquiz1In the Draw
V. R. Rāwhiti School2021-09-21 20:22:56nzdquiz1In the Draw
K. S. West Rolleston Primary School2021-09-21 20:18:43nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. T. Fitzroy School2021-09-21 20:03:08nzdquiz1In the Draw
G. . Huirangi School2021-09-21 19:33:53nzdquiz1In the Draw
K. W. 2021-09-21 18:55:06nzdquiz1In the Draw
D. Y. Nayland College2021-09-21 18:19:43nzdquiz1In the Draw
G. W. 2021-09-21 18:04:28nzdquiz1In the Draw
C. Waihi College2021-09-21 18:02:39nzdquiz1In the Draw
C. 2021-09-21 17:49:37nzdquiz1In the Draw
C. H. Sacred Heart College (Napier)2021-09-21 17:39:57nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. O. . Westlake Boys High School2021-09-21 16:48:59nzdquiz1In the Draw
L. A. St Peter's College (Palmerston North)2021-09-21 16:19:54nzdquiz1In the Draw
Z. A. St Peter's College (Palmerston North)2021-09-21 16:15:51nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. H. O. M. Napier Girls' High School2021-09-21 16:11:57nzdquiz1In the Draw
L. . St Peter's College (Gore)2021-09-21 16:05:10nzdquiz1In the Draw
E. M. . Nelson College2021-09-21 15:55:01nzdquiz1In the Draw
E. L. Oroua Downs School2021-09-21 15:52:56nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. P. Paraparaumu Beach School2021-09-21 15:45:41nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. G. Peachgrove Intermediate2021-09-21 14:56:29nzdquiz1In the Draw
E. J. North Loburn School2021-09-21 14:50:05nzdquiz1In the Draw
C. H. Hokowhitu School2021-09-21 14:45:00nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. H. Palmerston North Intermediate2021-09-21 14:32:02nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. Waimea College2021-09-21 14:09:17nzdquiz1In the Draw
D. G. K. Nayland College2021-09-21 13:45:38nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. H. Nelson College2021-09-21 13:32:24nzdquiz1In the Draw
C. O. 2021-09-21 12:59:47nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. S. 2021-09-21 12:56:21nzdquiz1In the Draw
T. 2021-09-21 12:48:27nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. B. 2021-09-21 12:38:34nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. W. Kapiti College2021-09-21 11:29:39nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. L. Whangārei Boys' High School2021-09-21 11:12:00nzdquiz1In the Draw
L. L. Palmerston North Intermediate2021-09-21 10:57:11nzdquiz1In the Draw
V. M. Mount Maunganui College2021-09-21 10:31:49nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. J. Rolleston College2021-09-21 09:31:06nzdquiz1In the Draw
R. W. Bucklands Beach Primary School2021-09-21 09:05:41nzdquiz1In the Draw
H. Takapuna Grammar School2021-09-20 22:28:55nzdquiz1In the Draw
H. Devonport Primary School2021-09-20 22:20:49nzdquiz1In the Draw
R. J. Bay of Islands International Academy2021-09-20 22:16:59nzdquiz1In the Draw
E. J. Bay of Islands International Academy2021-09-20 22:13:53nzdquiz1In the Draw
E. J. Bay of Islands International Academy2021-09-20 22:10:24nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. W. Te Wharau School (Gisborne)2021-09-20 21:48:32nzdquiz1In the Draw
K. T. 2021-09-20 20:35:20nzdquiz1In the Draw
L. T. . Timaru Boys' High School2021-09-20 20:26:18nzdquiz1In the Draw
K. S. 2021-09-20 18:16:29nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. G. Peachgrove Intermediate2021-09-20 18:08:28nzdquiz1In the Draw
T. B. Nelson Intermediate2021-09-20 16:08:52nzdquiz1In the Draw
F. M. 2021-09-20 15:32:23nzdquiz1In the Draw
N. B. Mahurangi College2021-09-20 15:10:52nzdquiz1In the Draw
C. W. Waikowhai Intermediate2021-09-20 13:58:48nzdquiz1In the Draw
D. P. . Waimea College2021-09-20 13:01:48nzdquiz1In the Draw
T. B. Nelson Intermediate2021-09-20 12:41:47nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. Nelson Intermediate2021-09-20 12:37:40nzdquiz1In the Draw
C. W. . Mountainview High School2021-09-20 11:25:38nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. T. ACG Parnell College2021-09-20 10:19:02nzdquiz1In the Draw
E. K. 2021-09-20 08:55:32nzdquiz1In the Draw
T. W. Pukekohe Hill School2021-09-20 06:34:02nzdquiz1In the Draw
K. T. Tauranga Girls' College2021-09-20 06:17:48nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. G. Nelson College For Girls2021-09-19 08:36:24nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. T. Lyttelton Primary School2021-09-10 12:09:29nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. W. New Plymouth Boys' High School2021-09-09 11:16:30nzdquiz1In the Draw
D. S. Auckland Normal Intermediate2021-09-09 11:09:30nzdquiz1In the Draw
D. Auckland Senior College2021-09-08 17:20:01nzdquiz1In the Draw
A. Harrisville School2021-09-07 10:33:14nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. P. Northland College2021-09-06 17:05:01nzdquiz1In the Draw
R. L. 2021-09-01 09:13:50nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. J. . Avonside Girls' High School2021-08-31 14:58:19nzdquiz1In the Draw
T. B. 2021-08-30 18:42:04judgesIn the Draw
T. . 2021-08-30 18:26:12nzdquiz1In the Draw
M. Cashmere High School2021-08-30 18:04:23nzdquiz1In the Draw
. 2021-08-30 17:59:44politiciansIn the Draw
N. S. Home School2021-08-29 21:29:42nzdquiz1In the Draw
N. S. South New Brighton School2021-08-29 21:23:47nzdquiz1In the Draw
U. 2021-08-26 17:01:59judgesIn the Draw
K. K. Tokomaru School2021-08-16 19:55:36nzdquiz1In the Draw
K. M. Tamariki School2021-08-14 22:09:19nzdquiz1In the Draw
D. Rāwhiti School2021-08-12 12:06:49nzdquiz1In the Draw
J. G. Halswell School2021-08-11 10:06:52nzdquiz1In the Draw
S. 2021-08-09 22:04:07nzdquiz1In the Draw
P. W. Chisnallwood Intermediate2021-08-06 10:52:3510q410kIn the Draw
N. S. Home School2021-08-04 08:36:45nzdquiz1In the Draw
N. S. South New Brighton School2021-08-04 08:32:51nzdquiz1In the Draw
D. M. Kaikoura High School2021-08-02 20:53:54nzdquiz1In the Draw
H. St Andrew's College (Christchurch)2021-08-02 15:03:16nzdquiz1In the Draw

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